Ishawna Gets New Boyfriend, Dancehall Fans Troll Foota Hype

Social media users enjoy any opportunity they get to troll Foota Hype.

The Dancehall selector, producer was once again a target earlier this week after his ex-fiancée, Ishawna wrote on Twitter that she was missing her new boyfriend.

“I miss my boyfriend,” the “Equal Rights” singer wrote which instantly sparked online trolls to take aim at Foota Hype. “Hide this post from Foota Hype,” one Twitter read in response.

The screenshot was reposted on Instagram and a slew of Dancehall fans proceeded to tag Foota Hype, “Woiii @FootaHypeMusic look yah Ishy find new man how you feel?,” one fan questioned. “Poor Foota Hype must bad out when his see this @footahypemusic look here.”

Ishawna ended things with the Controversial Dancehall selector/producer back in 2014 after dating for over nine years citing domestic abuse.

Since their messy split Foota Hype has taken several jabs at Ishawna via social media and during interviews. However it seems like they have put their differences aside as he sent her Mother’s Day wishes, the first since their breakup, view here.

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Source: Ishawna Gets New Boyfriend, Dancehall Fans Troll Foota Hype | The Tropixs

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