Shenseea Blast Her ‘Deadbeat’ Baby Daddy, He Claps Back

Shenseea and RajeiroShenseea put her “deadbeat” baby daddy on blast on Instagram and he clapped back at her.

Shenseea is one of the leading females pushing dancehall music globally right now, but one thing she has never been shy about is her being a single mother. Celebrities sacrificed a lot to try and balance being parents and entertainers. It appears Shenyeng was feeling some type of way this week and decided to get some things off her chest pertaining to the father of her son, Rajeiro.

Image result for shenseea“Imagine disliking me & doing everything in your irrelevant power trying to tear me down, then having to realize you could never stop me & now have to sit back & watch me flourish & prosper, for the rest of your insignificant life…. OUCH! Eyyyy shout out to Raj’s deadbeat for this one,” Shenseea captioned the post.

Her estranged baby daddy, Rob, say the post and decided to respond. “Woke up feeling some type of way??? So insignificant yet you have time to post about me??? You should really look up words before you us time,” he wrote. “Shenseea full time you grow up now tho. Continue doing it for the clout, focus on your career and less about a married man, Jah Bless.”

Shenseea has since deleted the post and later added a video of herself with her son singing for her. “Today I woke up with a massive headache and feeling stressed TF out my son came from school and I told him I ain’t feeling good and he said he was gonna sing a song for me to feel better and “In to my heart” was the song he started to sing love him so much @rajeiro__lee atleast my family and I growing him with God I’m so proud and cheered up too,” she wrote.

Shenseea is a great mom and a great dancehall artist. She has been getting a lot of love and support from her dancehall peers including Spice who left a comment on the post. “Awwwwwww so sweet he too cute,” Spice wrote.

Spice herself is also a single mother of two kids whom she regularly have to leave behind to go on tour. But she makes it clear that whenever she is on mommy duty, she is Grace Hamilton and not Spice.

Source: Shenseea Blast Her ‘Deadbeat’ Baby Daddy, He Claps Back – Urban Islandz

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