Gaza Fans Clap Back after Alkaline Comments about Kartel’s Photo Online

Alkaline responded to a post with Kartel’s photo with laughing emojis and Kartel’s fans were not pleased. He took a swipe at the incarcerated world boss because of his illness.

Even though some Gaza fans believe that the photo was not authentic, Alkaline and his close friend Gego Don commented about the photo recently on Instagram. Sources later revealed that the photo was released by Kartel’s camp.

“Taaah! SYM humbre! Go find a kidney” Gego Don wrote. Fans of the incarcerated dancehall star clapped back, they called out Alkaline for making the comments as Kartel could be going through problems with a serious illness while he is in prison. One fan wrote,” Alka even though me is a fan of your music I don’t think you should be making light of something like this because it can happen to you or anyone of your family members, time and place bredda”.

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Another fan said, “fi someone who live inna Kartel style yu shudn even a com nuff up yuself, go fine a hit song, nutn na gwaan fi yu since yu start flex wid de Gully pad.”

Recent pic of Kartel Below

Kartel and Alkaline have had an ongoing beef for years and both artistes were taking shots at each other for many years. It might only be a matter of time before Kartel responds to the comments made by Alkaline.

Alkaline also has beef with Popcaan, but Popcaan seems to be too busy with his career to say much because after Alkaline took a swipe at him, he responded by saying “some dancehall artistes should focus on putting out quality music that can leave a footprint on the global music market.” He got encouragement from many popular artistes after that.

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