Queen Ifrica Gets Called Out By Her Daughter In Birthday Post

Tanzania Barrett, the daughter of Queen Ifrica, raised a few eyebrows on Monday when she sent the Reggae singer birthday wishes.

Speaking with social media, Barrett said she wasn’t going to acknowledge the “Lioness on the Rise” singer on her 44th birthday however she had a change of heart.

“… at the end of the day you are my mother you might not care about me or the things I’ve been doing but unlike you I know how to behave appropriately and accordingly,” Barrett wrote under a photo with her mother.

She then continued by mentioning Tony Rebel’s daughter, Davianah recent rant, “I could be like Davahu and go into details about the self-centred inconsiderate and wicked things you have done and quite frankly that is what I had planned to do today but I know you are caught up in your internet life and care more about views than the actual issues happening in your family so it’s literally going to be irrelevant to try let yo know what you doing wrong cause it’s gonna be one ear through the other.”

“I literally give no f**ks if you don’t like me but just know seh mums love u to me heart no matter how much you try tear me down i’ve learnt in order to live good with people no matter if they are older I have have to be the bigger person…….so big up urself on ur strong Ms Morgan…and I hope u full joy ur day Queen Ifrica,” she added.

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Source: Queen Ifrica Gets Called Out By Her Daughter In Birthday Post | The Tropixs

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