Jada Kingdom Reacts To Fat Shaming Comments

Dancehall singer Jada Kingdom has sought to address critics after she was fat-shamed on Monday.

A video of the Kingdom emerged on social media yesterday showing her performing at a local event over the weekend.

In the clip, the “Banana” singer can be seen dancing and showing off her voluptuous figure while delivering her hit single.

Jada Kingdom’s thickness seemingly was too much for a few Dancehall trolls as they took aim at her appearance. The singer later took to her Twitter account and wrote, “These girls wanna be “Thick Thick” but don’t want the “cellulite cellulite” Y’all are too f**king cute.

“One thing mi sure bout is that the one jada kingdom LOVE shake up har natural cellulite & stretch mark up body & gyal nice nuh p***yclawwt! #milovemeyuhf**k,” she wrote in another tweet.

Source: Jada Kingdom Reacts To Fat Shaming Comments | The Tropixs

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