Shenseea Pressed To Date Leon Bailey

Dancehall fans are pressing Shenseea to date Jamaican football superstar Leon Bailey.

The Dancehall singer and Bailey have been spending a lot of quality over the last few months and her ShenYeng fans believe they look cute together so are desperately begging her to try at a relationship.

Shenseea told her fans on Instagram to ask her questions on Sunday and a few used the opportunity to force the Leon Bailey romance.

“Would you date Leon Bailey?,” one fan asked, to which the “Pon Mi” singer jokingly replied, “Me a big woman fi him.” (Note Shenseea is 22 and the Bayer Leverkusen winger is 21.)

Another fan wrote, “Please date Leon Bailey,” Shenseea responded saying, “So waphm to you? Why you cyaa date him?.

Check out Shenseea’s post and the comments below.

Source: Shenseea Pressed To Date Leon Bailey | The Tropixs

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