Potential Kidd Says A ‘Yah Suh Nice’ With New Girlfriend

Potential Kidd is making rounds on social media after he uploaded a photo with his alleged new girlfriend.

The Dancehall entertainer shared a cozy photo with a mystery lady on the beach to his Instagram profile with a cryptic caption, “💥🔥💥🌊🌊🌊🌊 #RealPotentialkidd #YahSuhNice 💥💥🌊.”

Several Dancehall fans quickly reposted the image across their respective social media platforms congratulating the “Yah Suh Nice” deejay on his new love interest.

“Wow this is a good look mi deejay all the best to you and yours,” one fan wrote. “Big up yuh self Potential Kidd! I hope she is the one,” another added.

View Potential Kidd’s post and comments below.

Potential Kidd has largely been out of the spotlight for a number of years following the massive success of his chart-topping hit “A Ya Suh Nice”, which made him an overnight star back in 2011.

The Trench Town resident, whose real name is Dwayne Taylor, became an instant hit back in 2011 following the release of his raunchy yet hilarious single “A Ya Suh Nice”, which he admits was originally a freestyle which became viral.

The song brought the one-time Gaza affiliated artist the attention he had craved for years, bringing music and endorsement deals, and also various travel opportunities during the peak of the song’s popularity.

However, the deejay failed to follow up on the success of his smash hit and has since fallen somewhat into obscurity, which he claims were due to a combination of reasons.

According to the deejay, after a few years of failing to find another big hit his career was brought to a complete standstill after being named as a person of interest by the police following an upsurge of violence in his community in 2016.

Although the entertainer was eventually cleared of all criminal implications he claims the incident had a lasting impact on his career and image, and also affected him emotionally due to fear.

The deejay says he currently working hard to escape the ‘one hit wonder’ label, and believes his upcoming songs can get him further recognition as they have massive potential.

Source: Potential Kidd Says A ‘Yah Suh Nice’ With New Girlfriend | The Tropixs

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