Duane Stephenson Returns From Exile In February

Image result for Duane Stephenson in concertSinger Duane Stephenson is upbeat about the release of his fourth album, Exile to Jedi . The 14-track set is to be released by VP Records in late February.

“It’s going to be different and groundbreaking. Most of the tracks were produced by Lamont “Monty” Savory. There are also tracks produced by Dean Fraser, Lamar ‘Riff Raff’ Brown and Frenchie from Maximum Sound,” Stephenson told the Jamaica Observer.

“The album will have a whole different feel to it. Of course, I have grown and matured since my last album, and this will be evident in the lyrical content,” he continued.

Image result for Duane Stephenson in concertThe 42-year-old artiste is former lead singer for the group To-Isis; he went solo in 2005. His debut album, From August Town, was released by VP Records in 2008. It entered and peaked at number seven on the Billboard Reggae Album Chart.

Stephenson’s follow-up set, 2010’s Black Gold, also stalled at number seven. His third release, 2014’s Dangerously Roots: Journey From August Town, is his biggest seller to date, having peaked at number four.

The first single from Exile to Jedi is Play That Song. A follow-up song is due in February.

Source: Duane Stephenson returns from Exile in February

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