Spice Drag Dancehall Fan For Saying This..”singer was oversharing..”

Spice once again had to check a Dancehall fan online.

The “Queen of Dancehall” went Christmas shopping on Wednesday for her kids at Walmart and uploaded a several videos to her Instagram story.

The footage were reposed to The Tropixs’ IG account which angered a social media user who claimed the “Black Hypocrisy” singer was oversharing,”Everything people put on social media like she the only once could shop at Walmart for her kids.”

Spice instantly hit back saying the social media user was jealous, “YES Badmine a me alone did in a Walmart a shop fi mi kids,” she wrote. “Me alone and Hod, yuh sad like. Mi post mi snap dem and Tropixs take them down and post it and yuh vex? Ohhhhh God them never take down your snap dem and post them? Hush man u couldn’t so hurt,” she added.

Check out the video and comments below.

Source: Spice Drag Dancehall Fan For Saying This | The Tropixs

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