Dalton Harris May Be Forced To Leave The UK

X Factor UK winner Dalton Harris may be forced to leave the country due to visa issues.

According to the Jamaican singer, he now needs a new UK visa because the talent competition has now come to an end.

“I need to get a new visa. I will have to leave the UK for a bit as you’re not allowed to just stay for ever. Hopefully my visa will be sorted out quickly,” Harris told The Sun during a interview. “I had a visa that allowed me to compete in the show, so I’d be surprised if the government didn’t give me one now I have won,” he added.

Sources say, the X Factor bosses are now hastily trying to negotiate a new visa which will allow him to return to perform on the upcoming tour and begin recording.

It’s the first time that an X Factor winner has faced visa issues in the UK series. However in 2010, X Factor contestant Gamu Nhengu was faced with the threat of deportation to Zimbabwe.

Dalton’s immense talent propelled him to cop the coveted X-Factor title making him the 15th winner of the UK talent competition on Sunday. He was awarded a £1 million (approximately J$162,632,400) recording contract with Simon Cowell’s Syco Music in association with Sony Music.

Source: Dalton Harris May Be Forced To Leave The UK | The Tropixs

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