Fitfluencers: Razor B Is Miserable If He Can’t Exercise

For dancehall artiste Razor B, fitness has always played an integral role in his life.

The entertainer is so dedicated to maintaining a healthy lifestyle that even when choosing his residence, he was adamant that the space had to include a gym.

Speaking to FitFluencers, the entertainer revealed that he has enjoyed working out since high school. He attended St Jago High School and was part of the institution’s track and field team.

It was there that he fell in love with keeping active, so much so that even after he began pursuing his music career, going to the gym remained an active part of his life.

“The gym makes me happy; if me nuh work out a morning time, trust me, me miserable. I wake up 6 a.m. and I head downstairs to the gym. I work out for an hour on every single part of my body. It gets my day started the right way,” he said. “Every time me take a week or a few days off, based on the fact that the work keeps me busy, I get really miserable, as I said. So I wake up every morning and just dweet. I love working out and I love sports.”

The entertainer explained that because of his job, he has had to learn how to ‘tun him hand make fashion’ as it relates to keeping fit.

“You know, as an artiste, yuh get busy more while, and so me affi a work out anywhere – at the hotel, anywhere. I will do a set of 10 push-ups, 10 crunches, 100 squats, just to keep my legs firm and my chest up. If there is soccer playing somewhere I would try to join in, I don’t leave my soccer boots anywhere. I don’t have a problem going for a run just to keep active.”

Razor B, who also owns and operates a restaurant, confesses to not being as strict as he needs to be when it comes to dieting.


He admits that he needs to work on eating a little healthier, but says he tries to make up for his improper dieting through his rigid workout regime.

He also boasts that he’s been blessed to have more muscle than fat and so, in knowing his body type, he is aware of when he needs to put in more work at the gym.

“I should be dieting better but honestly, mi just consume anything, pork, chicken, fish, you name it,” he said. “I know my body, so if I see that I’m getting too big, I know when to cut back. I train my body that way, so dieting has never been an issue for me.”

Congratulating all the entertainers who have started their own fitness journeys in recent times, Razor B encouraged others to drum up the courage to start. He guarantees that the journey will have people feeling good from the inside out.

“Kudos to all of the artistes putting in the work. I see Bling Dawg say him did weigh almost 400 pounds, and to see him move from where he was at to where he is right now, I’m honestly very proud. I see Triple X, Stacious, Pamputtae, everybody just a get fit,” he said, encouraging ordinary Jamaicans to also join the fitness train. “Get up and go work out. If yuh love yuh life, just get up and dweet. It’s one of the best things you will do.”

Source: Fitfluencers: Razor B is miserable if he can’t exercise | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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