Fitfluencers: Bling Dawg Becomes Gym Beast – Says He Has No Desire To Go Back To Being Overweight

These days, entertainer Bling Dawg sports a lean, muscular physique that would make him almost unrecognizable to those who knew him in the past.

Today, at 210 pounds, the entertainer is a far cry from the 350 pounds he weighed when he started his fitness journey more than five years ago.

Loving the way he looks and feels now, the entertainer told FitFluencers that he has no desire to go back to the days of being overweight and will do anything to maintain the figure he now has.

Bling Dawg revealed that he felt the need to do something about his weight when he discovered that it was becoming increasingly difficult to perform on stage. He said that he was encouraged by Dean Frazer to start doing some physical activities, and he started small until he graduated to the ‘gym beast’ he is today.


“Dean Frazer was the one who really got me into this physical activity because we used to go run round Hughenden field. I tried running and couldn’t manage it at first, and then eventually I graduated from running around the field. Then I just feel that groove to continue, and I say this is something that I like doing. Then, my clothes got smaller and I feel more energetic,” he said, adding that his breath control on stage has improved.

Aside from improvements on stage, the entertainer said that he is motivated daily by the compliments he receives about his new look, and also by the number of persons who reveal that they started their own journey to fitness because of his results.

“It’s just a dedication where I feel like it’s a part of me, like my music career. I don’t feel like me a go stop work out until me stop do music, and I don’t know when dat is. It’s a lifestyle for me now,” he said.

Speaking of lifestyle, the entertainer said that though the results may seem glamorous, it took hard work to get to where he is now.

“This journey has been difficult. It’s on and off, but my ‘off’ that I take is not for too long, because I’m dedicated to this. If I don’t work out for a period of time, I feel miserable. My diet had to change. I don’t eat meat no more,” he said.

Dieting, he said, has been difficult. However, he said it is a critical part of the weight-loss journey.

The entertainer said that his journey has been made easier by the fact that he has found a family at his current gym. He explained that on days where it becomes difficult and he feels like giving up, his trainer, Coach Sammy, helps to keep him going.

“I been coming to Spry for about three or four years now, and from I been to Spry, is like a family. Spry train yuh to eat, workout, and it’s like a home,” he said, noting that his trainer helps to push him.

Although pleased with his results so far, Bling Dawg said that his ideal weight is 195-200 pounds, and he is dedicated to reaching that mark.

Source: Fitfluencers: Bling Dawg becomes gym beast – Says he has no desire to go back to being overweight | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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