Fitfluencers: ‘Baby weight’ Sent D’Angel To The Gym

“Look pan mi, look pan mi, look pan me! Yuh nuh see nuh scrape, nuh scar, nuh scratch pan me,” D’Angel sings as she introduces herself as this week’s featured artiste on Fitfluencers. The entertainer, who proclaims that “hotness is a gift”, says she has an image to maintain, so she takes her fitness regime very serious.

Revealing that she has never had an issue maintaining a certain standard when it comes to her body, the Stronger singer revealed that pregnancy became her biggest challenge.

After giving birth to her son, Marco Dean, via C-section, she said that she was left with a pouch that she was determined to get rid of.

“After my son, I wanted to get back my body to where it was before, so I started a protein diet immediately. Me wear girdle, sleep inna girdle, bathe inna girdle, everything inna girdle because I had to get back my belly flat,” she said. “I cut out carbohydrates clean, clean. Me start drink me tea without sugar and dem thing deh. A lot of fruits and vegetables, fish, and eventually, the weight just started coming off.”

While the entertainer was seeing results from a change in her diet, she had a video shoot to do in a matter of months and needed those results quickly. That’s when she turned to the gym.

“I couldn’t go hard in the gym yet because I just gave birth, but I did a lot of cardio, and that helped. My son was born in November, and I had to shoot a video in February, which was Babyfather wid Vybz Kartel. Gwaan go look pan it and see how girl trim down, so is a lot of dedication,” she said, noting that in six months, she was back to her pre-pregancy size.

The entertainer, who now weighs 135 pounds (just five pounds more than she weighed before getting pregnant), says she maintains her figure by keeping a rigorous workout schedule. She revealed that when she is not in the gym, she is running up the hills of Mountain Spring.

“My job requires fitness in terms of breathing, so a lot of walking on the hill keeps me going. It is important that as an artiste I don’t run out of breath when I’m on stage, and the hills help with my stamina, plus, the outdoors with nature sometimes put yuh in a different mind space,” she said.

As she tries to maintain her fitness, D’Angel wants others to do the same.

“Start today because it’s a mind thing. Get up and do it now because it’s about health. Your health is your wealth. If you’re not healthy, nothing you achieve in life will make sense. Yuh haffi take steps to start the journey, and you will see how much happier you will be and how better you will feel in your skin,” D’Angel said.

Source: Fitfluencers: ‘Baby weight’ sent D’Angel to the gym | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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