UNESCO Considering Adding Reggae To Cultural Heritage List

UNESCO are currently considering whether or not to add reggae to its list of intangible cultural heritage representative list.

Jamaica’s culture, gender, entertainment and sport minister, Olivia Grange said: “We are awaiting the results and it will be a major achievement for Jamaica if we are successful in having the designation declared by UNESCO.”

Technical experts at UNESCO are processing Jamaica’s reggae submission and it is understood the government will be informed of their decision in November.

Grange said that her department had been given the responsibility to establish what was of intangible heritage and unique to Jamaica.

In addition to the UNESCO submission, Grange also discussed the designation of “entertainment zones” on the island at a press conference to launch Jamaica’s 2019 carnival season.

Grange said the locations will include Kingston, St Andrew and St Catherine, the Jamaica Information Service reported.

Highlighting the opportunities offered by the carnival, Grange welcomed new band Rebellion to the roster.

“This is an indication that more event producers here in Jamaica are adding the unique Jamaican flavour to what has been traditional in carnival,” she said.

UNESCO works to bring about peace through international cooperation in the fields of education, science and culture. It promotes the cultural heritage of cultures and champion cultural diversity.

Among UNESCO’s intangible cultural heritage list are practices, skills and knowledge that help demonstrate the diversity of humanity.

Cultural elements on the list include Nigeria’s Argungu international fishing and cultural festival and Côte d’Ivoire’s Zaouli, popular music and dance of the Guro communities.

Source: UNESCO considering adding reggae to cultural heritage list | The Voice Online

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