Spice Answers Burning Question About Vybz Kartel Relationship Status

Spice and Vybz Kartel picSpice has stepped forward to answer a burning question about her relationship status with Vybz Kartel.

Spice and Vybz Kartel have some new music coming out soon, and once again, the frequent collaborators raised questions about their relationship. Every dancehall fan wants to know if Kartel and Spice ever had sex and after this response, we are left with a lot of questions and no concrete answer. By now, the dancehall duo is just trolling us with this hot topic and is using it to their benefit to drum up publicity ahead of their upcoming single “World Apart.”

“Fi all who wah know if me and [Vybz Kartel] f*** make mi talk since as unu a gwan like me fraid,” Spice wrote. “One day mi go link the boss and him smile when him see mi come siddung infront a him wid di Gum. So him light up a big spliff and start bun and mi just go over to him slowly and say yu ready so him say “Long time” so mi say aright come den nuh. So him get up and go inna the voicing box and start record the song. f***a unu Go see how unu c**k up and read this.”

Vybz Kartel copied the screenshot of that comment and posted it on his Instagram account. It sure gave fans a good laugh, but some folks are still asking the burning question, did Spice gave Vybz Kartel the gum?

Spice previously addressed questions about her past relationship with Vybz Kartel on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. “Everybody thinks that I had a sexual relationship with Vybz Kartel,” she said. “The truth is no we weren’t in a sexual relationship.”

Of course, no one believed her not even her castmates and friends on the show, because everyone is of the view that Spice and Vybz Kartel was an item and would be shocked if they weren’t.

Source: Spice Answers Burning Question About Vybz Kartel Relationship Status – Urban Islandz

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