Popcaan To Take On More Acting … Unruly Boss Praised For Movie Debut

Dancehall artiste Popcaan could take on more movie roles in the near future as he looks to add actor to his rEsumE.

The entertainer, who was speaking with THE STAR at the private screening for the British-Jamaican crime film The Intent 2: The Come Up, revealed that his debut role has opened up some other exciting opportunities.

The entertainer described acting as something that comes to him naturally and said that people shouldn’t be surprised if they see him doing more on-screen work.

“This movie is just the beginning, innuh. I already start shooting other movies, and we about to do a documentary, a proper one, about my life and my journey,” he revealed. “It a go hit the streets probably next year, but we a start shoot it from now. Acting is definitely something I will be doing more of.”

Ever since it was announced that Popcaan would be part of the movie, many wanted to see how big a role he would get.

Some believed that the entertainer, being an amateur, would be given a minor role and wouldn’t have a big impact on the film, if any at all.

But Popcaan, who played Jamaican character Soursop, delivered an impressive performance. His character proved to be just as important as the other lead roles, and the entertainer was applauded for the authenticity he brought on screen.

The latter was important to the entertainer as he told THE STAR that he wanted to bring his unique style to the role.

He explained that for persons to believe in his character, he had to remain true to himself.

“There was no preparation. Everything was just natural to me. I only say like three lines from the script. Everything else I said of my own. I read the script, but me do my own thing,” he said. “Certain slangs and certain things weh di people dem woulda expect from Popcaan I had to add because me want it feel real.”


Giving people an authentic film was one of the directors’ main objectives. Femi Oyeniran and Nicky ‘Slimting’ Walker beamed as they spoke about the talent pool in Jamaica.

The directors explained that although they had a script, they welcomed actors using their initiative as that allowed the film to be more relateable in the end.

“We use the script as a guideline, and the great thing with people like Poppy is that he knew the scenes, so he was coming on set with ideas of what he wanted to do, and he was able to add his own flavour to it,” said Oyeniran.

Walker said that there is much Jamaican talent and they needed to showcase that.

“It doesn’t make sense to try to get British people to be Jamaican when we can get the real deal here,” said Walker. “When you watch it, as you saw here tonight, the audience could understand it. They were laughing at the jokes because it was real.”

Source: Popcaan to take on more acting … Unruly boss praised for movie debut | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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