Marlon Samuels Confirms Upcoming Court Case With Yanique

In an interview with Entertainment report yesterday Jamaican super star cricketer Marlon Samuels opened up about pending court case with ex lover Yanique Curvy Diva. “We have a court matter coming up” Marlon answered when Anthony asked him about the Curvy diva.

“My reputation means the world to me, more than what’s in my bank account” Samuels after getting annoyed told Anthony to ask him about “proppa” artistes like Spice, Shenseea etc. “i cant offord to make somebody destroy my repetition with lies” the icon said.

After being asked about why going after a female Marlon got irate and ask to change the topic, and it was changed on to “Spoon Head” aka foota Hype. Marlon expresses that Foota called his name twice before he finally respond in online rants and now 2 songs.

“i’m not hype, iuyani’m iconic” Samuels also showed off his new small clothing business that’s been run from his house.

Going off topic Marlon also pointed out that she did not drive all his cars, and showed the reporter one car that was parked for 6 months.

In closing Marlon stated that he is set to return to India in a couple weeks time because he’s currently on injury brake and chilling in Jamaica.

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