VP Records Still Working On Spice’s Album

Although she came out firing, VP Records is not giving any hint of the label going head to head with recording artiste and client Grace ‘Spice’ Hamilton over her recent grouse with the label.

According to a press release, the label says it remains hard at work to produce a debut album for Spice.

“VP Records acknowledges Spice’s recent comments to the media. The label is hard at work finalising the album and all the necessary clearances,” a statement from VP Records said.

The full details of the contract between the new ‘Queen of Dancehall’ and VP Records has not been revealed by either party to indicate any agreement from both sides to release an album within a specific period of time, but Spice is adamant that 10 years is too long.

In a social media post following the article, Spice described the partnership with the record label as the biggest mistake she has made in her life. The Duffle Bag deejay also singled out Neil ‘Diamond’ Edwards, the senior director of artistes and repertoire at VP Records, for supposedly informing her that the album would have been out in the month of October each year.

All efforts to get clarity from Jennifer Valentin, publicity manager of VP Records, proved futile, as the questions surrounding the “necessary clearances” that were required to produce an album for Spice were left unanswered.

“At the moment our statement stands as is,” Valentin told THE STAR.

The label, in addition to expressing their will to work to make the album a reality, shared that Spice and VP Records have had great success with the 2014 release So Mi Like It, a popular EP release, and numerous hit singles, including Conjugal Visit, which features Vybz Kartel.

“VP Records looks forward to continuing that trend and to sharing more of Spice’s talent with the world in the form of her new album,” the release stated.

Source: VP Records still working on Spice’s album | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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