My Connection With Kartel Is Deeper Than Music – Lisa Hyper

After the release of ‘Whine For Me’, a collaboration between Vybz Kartel and Lisa Hyper that was done almost 10 years ago, many speculated that there was a relationship between the two entertainers.

“We love grow and yuh know it cyaan chastise. To di church mek we married and baptise. Yuh know di love inna me heart fi you a bloom. Me vow till death do part, we nah go bruk di rule. If you leave September I’ll be gone in June. You belong to me baby, and I belong to you,” the song said.

The flow and words of the song made Portmore Empire fans speculate even more that there was a relationship between the two recording artistes, but there had not been any explanation from either of them about the depth of their relationship until now.

“The connection Adidja and I have is way deeper than music, deeper than the deep blue sea,” Lisa Hyper told The WEEKEND STAR.

“I don’t try or go out of my way to explain our relationship to anyone because it’s very unfamiliar and one of a kind,” added Lisa Hyper.

In the past, it was rumoured that Vybz Kartel started an intimate relationship with Lisa Hyper while she attended The Queen’s School, but her response to when it actually started is that they were always friends.

“I know this man from the age of five, we grew up in the same community,” she said. “We could talk about anything and as our friendship grew, we became very much involved in an intimate relationship.”

Although they collaborated on many singles before his incarceration, Lisa Hyper said: “I’m not like the others who met him as Vybz Kartel just to get a buss.”

The last single the close-knit entertainers collaborated on was Bawl Fi Bun, but the former First Lady of Gaza (a title she adopted as being the first female and Vybz Kartel’s partner) says it will not be the last.


But before the end of this year, a new collaboration will be released. The Treasure singjay revealed that the track has already been recorded with an expected pre-release before November.

“This one is different because it’s been anticipated, not only by his fans and mine, but people on a whole have been longing for us to do one,” she said.

Putting aside the love and drama that their relationship was known for, Lisa Hyper said it is that chemistry which sparked the idea to collaborate with Vybz Kartel.

“It will have an organic impact. Whether or not the track was one that we worked on face to face, it is always fun because we are each other’s muse,” she said.

She continued: “Only with I will the people get an authentic collaboration from Vybz Kartel.”

In regards to the ongoing appeal for the artiste’s release, Lisa Hyper said: “I am excited, joyful, and overwhelmed, not for only me, but because the wait is over for both our fans. When it comes on to his appeal, I have nothing but positive thoughts. All I would want us to do when he is out, is spend time with our family and friends in Waterford 5th Phase, where it all started.”

Source: My connection with Kartel is deeper than music – Lisa Hyper | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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