Jada Kingdom Focuses On ‘Fruitful’ Lyrics

Riding a wave that started exactly 12 months ago with ‘Love Situations’, Jada Kingdom has quickly been added to a list of acts to look out for on the international stage with the success of her ‘Wull On’ EP, and she is not wasting any time.

A first listen of Kingdom’s next single, Banana, does not sound like one that would be selected for a set inside a local street session.

However, it is clever lyric play recorded on a blend of Afrobeat, pop and dancehall rhythms.

Kingdom said that she is now armed to hit the international market. She believes that outside of local support, the track might be popular on Britain’s music scene.

“I would love for it to make it across all markets if possible,” said Kingdom.

She said the song was inspired by her love for bananas and noted that it also features a play on words because ‘banana’ is a word many females are known to use to refer to a man’s penis.

“It is suggestive and presents a sexual message, but it was also born out of just having fun and a way to show my wit,” she said. “I present myself and my art to the public exactly how it is while trying to maintain my uncommon image. It is up to them how they want to interpret it.”

The Unwanted entertainer sees herself as a game changer for Jamaican music and content. She has even attracted the team behind the popular 2017 single Pine and Ginger.

She expressed that it is overwhelming to know that persons are actually singing her lyrics, which show her pain and overall life story.

“The numbers are unexpected, even with the prayers and work put into the productions. I still have difficulties with adjusting, but I am still pushing,” she said.

Her management team is currently working to reintroduce her EP later this year.

“We are trying to approach the live music platforms as creatively as we have done with everything else, from working with dancers and forming a band to present the best showcase possible,” she added.

Having garnered more than 10 million accumulative streams across YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal and other digital platforms, the decision was taken to record acoustic versions of the singles at Tuff Gong studios.

Source: Jada Kingdom focuses on ‘fruitful’ lyrics | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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