Mr. Vegas Retaliating With Diss Track Aimed At Konshens

Jamaican Dancehall artiste Mr. Vegas did not like the statement that was made by a colleague of his “Konshens” recently. The comment was made after a guard was shot by a license firearm holder and the whole incident was recorded by Mr. Vegas.

It seems as though Konshens thought it would have been better for the phone that was used to record the incident, to be used to call an ambulance; so that the injured person’s life could be saved, instead of recording everything with the same phone so that persons can see the mayhem on social media.

Mr. Vegas seems to be upset, as he thinks the recording he did will help with the investigation that is needed, so that similar incidents can be avoided when persons learn from the mistakes that were made in this incident.
Mr. Vegas is now calling Konshens a house slave and has started putting together new music to be released. An alleged diss track to get back at Konshens for criticizing him, when Konshens was just thinking about the life of the security guard.

Konshens seem to think what happened to the guard could have happened to anyone, even though he cautioned persons. He said persons should never try to disarm a person with a gun; but in this case it would be better if someone would call an ambulance so they can get the injured person to the hospital as quickly as possible so that their life can be saved.

However, the security guard is recovering in the hospital, we are glad his injuries were not more serious.

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