Foota Concerned About Cassava Piece, Asks Cure To Apologize To DJs

Foota Hype is calling for peace in his community, he doesn’t live in Cassava Piece anymore but he is concerned about the violence that is plaguing the community. He understands the problem the people who live there have, with everyone wanting to get out of poverty, and how easy it is for the youth choosing the wrong way out. Thinking that those with the guns are the most powerful.

Foota knows that it is easy for people to get angry when they don’t see any way out and they can get into trouble easily by simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time. He talks about the killing and how it is hard to put an end to it. When one person is killed and the friends and loved ones of the dead person believe they must get revenge. So there is a never-ending system of anger and violence.

Foota knows that the violence will never end if people won’t decide to put love first and decide that they want a new way to live. If people can’t see that the ones who made it out of the poverty are the ones who used their talent and skills. He is seeing the tears and hearing the cry and he is very sad about the persons who have died.

Foota says GP, Horizon or Madden this is the choice you have when you choose guns and violence, and he wants to  set a good example for the youth who are growing up in Cassava Piece by staying away from gangs.

When he spoke about Jah Cure, he says all the sound system community is offended by what Jah Cure has said in the You Tube video. He thinks Jah Cure is forgetting where he is coming from.

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