Meghan Markle Is Amused As Shaggy Performs At Queen’s Birthday

Meghan Markle was caught on Saturday looking rather bemused after Shaggy performed his sex reggae number Mr Bombastic for The Queen – although we can’t blame her.

The bride-to-be sat beside her fiance Prince Harry at the star-studded 92nd birthday bash for the Monarch at the Royal Albert Hall and as the performance came to an end, seemed like she was desperate to let out a suppressed laugh as Shaggy, who was joined on stage by Sting, grinded by himself as he sang about being ‘Mr lover lover…’

 Sting and Shaggy were joined by acts like Kylie Minogue, Shawn Mendes and Sir Tom Jones who were also in the line-up.

But the inclusion that may have left your head scratching was the duet with Sting and Shaggy – if someone had told us that the It Wasn’t Me singer would one day be booked to perform for the head of British Monarchy we would have laughed you out the room.

 Seriously – you can’t make it up as much as we some struggled to believe the pair were joining forces in the music industry.

Shaggy and Sting performed their reggae-gesturing single Don’t Make Me Wait, from their collaborative new album 44/871 and later returned to the stage for a medley.

The Queen, who sat in the royal box with the royal couple, son Prince Charles and the Duke of Cambridge had left her seat by the time Sting and Shaggy returned for a medley of their biggest hits, including Mr Boombastic, Angel and Every Breath You Take.

But it was the look on Meghan’s face that really got us going.

Source: Meghan Markle is amused as Shaggy performs at Queen’s birthday | Metro News


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