Ambassador Ding Dong – Entertainer Embraces New Roles

Ding Dong’s Lebeh Lebeh, Fling Yuh Shoulda, Dweet and Flairy have become part of the must-play list on most disc jockeys’ Serato (the most popularly used music software), whether for dancehall sessions, soca parties or corporate affairs.

For this reason, as well as the entertainer’s captivating energy and professional flair, brands like Magnum Tonic Wine, GraceKennedy and, most recently, Western Sports have accepted Ding Dong as a viable representative for various campaigns.

“It is a blessing, especially for me representing the dancehall community and as a male from the garrison,” Ding Dong said.”It shows that it is not where you are from, but how you carry yourself.”

The entertainer, speaking during an interview at the offices of his management agency, Romeich Entertainment, said that being embraced by corporate Jamaica does not mean his music will lose its edge.

“It does not affect me musically because my songs are not of the quality that requires a ‘bleep’ every minute. Instead, I assess the words and how they are phrased, especially because listeners are known to read into lyrics. Even if I had a thought to use a specific line, it has to be clean-cut. Ambassadorship, overall, is teaching me about business.”

The entertainer, whose given name is Kemar Ottey, said that in addition to representing corporate brands, he is also an cultural ambassador for Jamaica.


As it relates to his deportment, Ding Dong says sometimes this new role requires him to be a different person and to be very aware of his surroundings.

“You live on a line 24/7 where it is not you anymore. Challenged with being the face of a company or brand, you have to be cautious of the things you do or say. Granted, no one is perfect; you will mess up. And while I am usually a positive individual, I have my fair share of things to make up for,” said Ding Dong.

Ding Dong has struggled with a fear of signing contracts due to past experiences with a major record label and management company, but he is showing growth in the way he approaches new contracts.

Source: Ambassador Ding Dong – Entertainer embraces new roles | Entertainment | Jamaica Gleaner

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