Khago Roars Back With New Album – Said Critics Should Never Write People Off

It is often said that good things can come out of bad situations. Many may recall the nasty fallout entertainer Khago had with his mother and sister towards the end of last year.

Khago made several disrespectful comments about his mother in a social media blast.

Many expressed disappointment with the entertainer, even calling him a madman. His mother called him “ungrateful” in an interview with THE STAR.

That situation, however, led to the creation of the song, Walk A Mile, which later inspired a 15-track album.

Walk A Mile made its debut at number five on the Billboard Reggae Charts, one place below Damian Marley’s Grammy-winning Stony Hill and several places above Chronixx’s grammy-nominated Chronology and J Boog’s Wash House Ting.

Speaking with THE STAR, Khago said he wants his achievements be a lesson to key players in the music industry, particularly in the local sphere, that it is never good to ‘write people off’.

“When me write the song, me just did a voice me opinions on the situation (between him and members of his family), but look yah now. Yuh know how much people say me mad and me fi come off a social media when me put out the song?” he said.

The entertainer said he is aware that there may be a spike in support of his music following his latest achievement, but pointed out that it shouldn’t take an artiste getting to a certain level on their own for the industry to show some support.


“Since week, a di first me leave me house fi start promo it (the album). I did this with no help from the industry, no help from the media, no promotion,” he said. “If me do my thing by myself basically with no producer or none a dem big label deh a back me and it reach yah so, me can’t imagine where it coulda go with some help. Me can’t imagine how much other artiste out deh a struggle like me.”

Khago revealed that he was ready to give up on music because of the lack of support he was receiving, particularly from Jamaicans, and said Walk A Mile was somewhat of a farewell project.

He said he was encouraged by the love he was shown via social media from persons outside of Jamaica, who encouraged him not to give up; he is happy he listened.

“Me never expect this at all but after me see how the song did a do pan social media and the Internet, I decided to try with the album,” he said. “Me nah take the glory fi dah one yah, enuh. Every glory belong to God and the few people weh help me put it together. Also the ‘Khagonians’ for sticking by me when everybody else did think me mad.”

Other singles on Walk A Mile include the title track, Jesus, Stronger, Let Me Love You and Die For Your Love.

Source: Khago roars back with new album – Said critics should never write people off | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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