Reggae Up North For Music Festival

REGGAE MUSIC outdoor events in the north of England don’t come around too often, which is why the likes of Aswad, Carroll Thompson and Janet Kay are getting excited about the Love 4 Music Festival taking place in Huddersfield later this year.

Taking place at Huddersfield Park on May 27, Love 4 Music Festival will boast a family-friendly environment that will feature some of the biggest names in UK music.

With the likes of soul, funk and reggae music currently underrepresented in the region, Aswad said: ‘We don’t even remember the last time we ever played in Huddersfield, so we are definitely happy to be part of this event.”

Silly Games singer Janet Kay added: “A festival for soul and reggae music is a great event for the UK. Nostalgia is a wonderful thing taking people back to the music they grew up with and still love today. Great music lasts forever.”


The Love 4 Music Festival promises to give fans of this music a chance to see A-list artists perform without the need for a trip to London. Organisers said: “The main goal in a organising this event is to provide a fun day where a wide group of different cultures can come together within the north of England.

“The Love 4 Music Festival 2018 will be an inaugural live, outdoor event with music from different genres.”

PICTURED: Alexander O’Neal
Alexander O’Neal, Omar and Gwen Dickey are some of the big names that will be providing the soulful element on the day.

Looking forward to his participation, There’s Nothing Like This singer Omar enthused: “Soul and reggae music has played an important role in British history. The music and the scene has helped break cultural barriers, due to the infectious beats of soul and reggae. A dedicated festival to the genre is a great step in the right direction for music festivals in the UK.”

Source: Reggae up north for music festival | The Voice Online

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