5 Questions With Chronixx

The conscious, at times controversial and ever-burning Chronixx speaks about music and life. Having released his debut album, Chronology, this year, Chronixx has been touring extensively and having great success in his music career. Reporter Kimberley Small sat down with the reggae star and posed some questions just for you.

1. What is your number one book recommendation?

The Wise Mind of His Imperial Majesty. It’s a compilation of various speeches and appearances from Haile Selassie. It’s always good to hear from your ancestors. Reading the words and the teachings of His Imperial Majesty is like listening to your great-great-great-great-grandfather and mother.

2. Do you have a vinyl collection or any kind of special music archive?

I don’t have a lot of vinyl in my personal collection right right now, at this very moment. I work on my collection from time to time. It’s mainly music that I was given – I have vinyls from Protoje. I have vinyls from Midnight, and all of these great artistes who give their music to me all the time. I like when vinyl comes to me in the form of a gift, because it becomes extra special – because it’s from the artiste himself.

3. What are the top three albums that you listen to on Sunday mornings?

Every morning is like a Sunday morning for me. Is really a guy tell yuh seh this morning is Sunday, enuh. I like to listen to a lot of Bob Marley in those times, Burning Spear – trust me, for me, mi good wi whatever ah play too. Cah, which part me live, we have a sound weh close by, weh play a lot a great music. Suh mi listen to whatever the sound ah play.

4. Outside of rehearsals, is there any kind of tour preparation you settle into before hitting the road?

I wah tell yuh enuh, fi a artiste, your lifestyle is the perfect platform to prepare. If you are trying to come up with a system of preparation, your lifestyle is the perfect canvas on which you can spell out or formulate that system. As a artiste, yuh cyaa be artiste just when you’re summoned to be [an] artiste – but we haffi live the life of a artiste. Yuh haffi run, yuh haffi do yuh cardio, yuh haffi eat and drink di tings dem weh good for yuh vocals. Yuh haffi practise meditation, because it is in that realm of silence where you find the music.

5. Tell us about your international collaborations.

I recently was featured on Joey Bada$$ album. Little Simz, I’m featured on her album as well, Stillness in Wonderland. I’ve also done work with a lot of producers overseas, such as Rudimentals from the UK, dem produce Loneliness on the [Chronology] album; the Picard brother from France, who also did I Can. But the focus is always mainly within the realm of exceptional talents from Jamaica.

Bonus: Has ‘Chronology’ been submitted for consideration for Grammys?

I not sure, enuh. Fi tell yuh di truth, I not sure if it is submitted because, yuh dun know, ah nuh really my work dat; because at the end of the day, the Grammys is made up artistes and people who are in the music industry. These are the people who vote. I think, more than likely, members of my team are official Grammy people, suh I’m sure them will submit it and whatever, but yuh dun know. It’s not really my place. I don’t like to talk about dem ting deh, really.

Source: 5 Questions with Chronixx | Entertainment | Jamaica Gleaner

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