Stay True To Yourself – Barbee Promotes Body Confidence

One of the misapprehensions of the popular children’s toy, Barbie, is that it portrays an image that is unrealistic.

But Nigerian-Jamaican dancehall recording artiste Barbee accepted that name, along with her image, from an early age.

Much to the surprise of many, the singer, dubbed ‘Jamaican Pop Princess’ by media personality Wendy Williams, proclaims that she has not received any surgical body enhancements. Instead, she owes her appearance to genetics.

The artiste also prides herself on promoting body confidence and staying true to self.

For this reason, Barbee has branched out beyond the music to beauty and fashion. The singer has been focused on her many businesses, which range from cosmetics, hair, clothing and a body fitness line known for waist trainers.

For her, the idea of having a high self-esteem is not limited to a person’s satisfaction with their physical appearance, but also how they feel in the make-up and the clothes they wear.

The artiste has been living by the slogan ‘Every Ting Pretty’, which basically is a lifestyle for her, to live vivaciously and positively in every aspect of her work, musical projects and learning to appreciate every moment despite the negatives that may arise.

“I don’t label myself as a recording artiste, more like an entertainer, which is very much what my brand is about, and I feel my purpose on this earth is to give back to the next generation,” said Barbee in an interview with THE STAR.

With the profits from these ventures, Barbee has been contributing to back-to-school projects in St Ann and St James. Barbee has been a member of the Cambridge Youth Association in St James and has taken the lead in acquiring school supplies as well as hosting small fun day events in Cambridge.

Although the artiste has been living in the United States, she has been focusing on giving back as much as she has been involved in taking on new business ventures in Jamaica.

Source: Stay true to yourself – Barbee promotes body confidence | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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