Ghost Gets Marley Help For Single Distribution

Singer Ghost is excited about his recently signed partnership with the Ghetto Youths International label for the distribution of his single, ‘No Feelings’, which was released recently.

According to the artiste, the song caught the attention of Damian ‘Jr Gong’ Marley shortly after it was released. Marley was unaware that the song was Ghost’s, but soon realised it was a single from his friend of many years. They subsequently discussed collaborating to distribute the single.

“Junior and I have been friends from before he became an artiste, and so when I approached him about distributing the single through Ghetto Youths International, he spoke with his brothers and it was a go,” said Ghost.

The partnership, which was signed off on in August, sees the label being responsible for the distribution of the song which has so far been well received in dancehall circles.

No Feelings is one of the first songs to be released from Ghost’s upcoming album which will be released in 2018.

The lyrics of the song paint a picture of a distressed person coming to terms with the truth that his relationship has fallen apart because his partner is not emotionally invested in the relationship. The song’s heartfelt lyrics are done over what the artiste describes as a ‘dancehall world’ beat.

Commenting on the evolution of music and the kind of music people who have been consuming his music over the years.

“This single is basically me testing the waters because person’s taste in music have changed a lot over the years, so I am trying to get an idea of what people like now,” Ghost said.


“It has made me more creative in my production of music because what was trendy so many years ago isn’t what people really like now, so I am now thinking outside of the box.”

Ghost is looking to close out 2017 on a high after spending most of the year perfecting his upcoming album, on which he has produced most of the tracks, under the tutelage of his music director, Mikey Bennett.

“[The year] 2017 was a good year for me because I spent it doing what I love, making music. I want to continue on that path for the rest of the year,” added Ghost.

Source: Ghost gets Marley help for single distribution | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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