Sean Kingston signs Tommy Lee

Following an impressive performance at the recently concluded Reggae Sumfest, dancehall artiste Tommy Lee Sparta is being signed by international star Sean Kingston.

The announcement was made on Sunday via Sean Kingston’s Instagram page. In a photo of himself and the ‘Spartan’ soldier, Sean Kingston brags about being able to work the artiste and says there are big things to come from their partnership.

“Haven’t been this excited about signing an artiste since @torylanez,” the caption attached to the photo read. “Mi nuh hide an talk @tommyleesparta is undeniably talented … big news soon come,” Sean Kingston wrote.

Tommy Lee’s camp was tight-lipped about the deal that was struck with the singer, songwriter and record producer.

But while Tommy Lee and his management has been silent about the signing, his fans have been celebrating the announcement.

“Big moves me general, it’s a good look. You deserve it,” said one user said on Instagram.

“Ah big news dis. Tommy Lee is definitely one of the hottest dancehall acts right now. This is the best investment you will make @seankingston,” said another.


Tommy Lee is currently before the courts on lottery-scamming charges. He, along with three others, are charged with possession of identity information and unlawful use of premises under the Law Reform Fraudulent Transaction (Special Provisions) Act. He has denied the allegations.

In an recent interview with THE STAR, Tommy Lee Sparta said he “just wish dem woulda free me up right now” so that he can run the place again.

“Mi can run the street if mi want. Now, mi seh mi a do it, but mi nah put out the full energy; a true mi have court, an’ mi nuh wah victory come and mi nuh get the success a it fully. But mi haffi show some man mi can do it. Nuh true yuh nuh see mi suh mi under the radar. Know seh mi court soon done. When court done, is a different ting,” Tommy Lee said.

Source: Sean Kingston signs Tommy Lee

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