Protoje Paints Picture Of Corruption With ‘Blxxd Money’

The music video for Protoje’s latest single, Blood Money, landed online earlier this week, with a lauding premiere on the internationally acclaimed Pigeons and Planes music news platform.

Described as a lyrically vivid piece, immediate reviews suggest that the song’s lyrics paint vivid pictures in the listener’s mind, and the accompanying visuals appropriately package the story, impressing the song’s ultimate message on the psyche of consumers.

Images of prostitution, illicit drug taking, along with demonstrations of complex relationships between middle class Jamaican society and the lower class, Blood Money (stylised ‘Blxxd Money’ in social media promotions) paints a circular story of corruption.

“There is a lyric in the song that says: ‘If what you see nuh really phase you, then you are the problem that we face too,’”

Protoje explains, that “the song itself speaks more about corruption on a high level, but with the video we wanted to illustrate how corruption seeps through all levels of society, and how we often become complicit in its perpetuation.”

In her review of the reggae revivalist’s newest release, Adrienne Black of Pigeons and Planes wrote: “Protoje is careful to consider the impact of his words and in turn, uses his platform as a means to highlight topics that are near to his heart. Many of us only picture the beautiful, carefree side of the tropical island but, ‘Blxxd Money’ tells the tale of two cities by bringing attention to the darker realities that are swept under the rug.”

Music video director, Che Kothari, explains that the song had the instant energy of a soundtrack.

“The visual is aimed to enhance the storytelling found in the song, illustrating how corruption at the top will inevitably make its way to the ground,” Kothari says.

Protoje’s manager, Lorna Bennett, told The Gleaner, that the Indiggnation frontman is spending the remainder of the summer season on tour.

“He is currently on a six-week European tour, hitting major festivals, with the final show for that run being Jamaica House on August 13 in London.”

Before going to Europe, Protoje wrapped several shows on the U.S., east coast.

“He is also heading to Ethiopia for his first show in Africa on July 29. Afropunk on August 28 in New York is a great look as well,” said Bennett.

Source: Protoje paints picture of corruption with ‘Blxxd Money’ | Entertainment | Jamaica Gleaner

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