Ishawna Fans Thinks She Deserves A Grammy For “Equal Rights”

Ishawna new song “Equal Rights” is proving to be a big hit among her core fan base and just might be the single to take her career to the next level.

She is getting so much support that some of her fans thinks that she deserves a Grammy for the track. The explicit sexually charged single tackles the long standing issue of oral sex in the dancehall space especially when it comes to males performing the act on females. Dancehall culture has long been a male dominated space on the musical side, but on the fan base, the female voices have always been loud. Now they feel like they found a female champion in Ishawna.

“Mi honestly believe say she deserve a Grammy because she brave,” one fan said. “Other [male] artistes a sing bout them thing deh and no body nah lick out pon them.” While some female fans are throwing their support behind Ishawna and her new song, there are still a small segment who feels that the song is too raw and in your face. “I don’t do them thing there and she need to remember that children listen to her music so what type of message is she sending to young girls,” one fan said.

“I agree the song deserves a Grammy it bad mi love it and mi send it to my man and him love it. Ishawna a the new Lady Saw mi love her bad give us more songs like this my girl, equal rights me say,” another female fan said on IG.

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