Elektra Making Moves In Production

Following on the heels of the Black Mattic: Top Striker Freestyle Mixtape Vol. 1, which was released on January 1, ZJ Elektra continues to see steady support of the mixtape with over 100,000 views, downloads and streams combined via popular music sites.

In 2016, Elektra established her label, Elektracute Music Group [EMG], and decided to concentrate on some musical projects.

Hero Dance, performed by Black Mattic and featuring Marvin the Beast and Facebook Hero, was the next track from EMG label which went viral. Hero Dance, which was featured on the mixtape, escalated in the Jamaican dancehall arena and also received positive reception in Japan.

The DJ-turned-producer also collaborated with Lewis ‘LP’ Planter from the United Kingdom and co-produced the Ragga rhythm. This compilation project, currently distributed by Zojak Worldwide, features Black Mattic, Bugle, Agent Sasco, Beenie Man and Cee Gee.

Elektra recently wrapped up production on singles such as Be Like Us, Dweet Fi Mi and many others in preparation for the 2017 release of Black Mattic’s upcoming album.


When asked about her participation on the album, she stated, “Working with such a talented individual has renewed my faith in the industry. It also shows me that we all have the necessary talents needed to progress further, we just need to accept change and put in the work”.

Her latest production, 2lb Sugar, performed by Black Mattic and featuring Singer J, which will be released this month, speaks about the hardships, daily struggles, the will to try again, and faith that there will be change one day.

She was recently added to 603 Live on iTunes Radio and continues to make debut appearances on other radio station worldwide.

Source: Elektra making moves in production | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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