Blak Ryno Takes Up Acting Role In New York

Since dancehall artiste Romaine Anderson, more popularly known as Blak Ryno has kissed the shores of Jamaica goodbye, he hasn’t been spending time in a recording booth, but in front of a camera, acting in the YouTube series, ‘Judas Kiss’, a series which is set in New York.

The former Portmore Empire artiste was recruited to make an appearance in the season two of the series that has grabbed the attention of many persons across the Jamaican diaspora, the producer told THE STAR.

“I am really grateful for the opportunity. This is an opportunity for me to get a feeling of what it is like to be in the production of a film,” Ryno said.

Ryno, who plays the role of stutter gangster called ‘Blaks’, said he used skills he has garnered from recording music to bring the character to life.

“Using my facial expression to get a certain message across is the same as getting across a message when you are making music,” Ryno said.

“When you are in the studio voicing a song, you have to have facial expressions to make the delivery better. All of that brings out whatever you are saying, so it is the same thing. Put yourself in the mood.”

The series is written and produced by Shakayle Ellis.

“It’s about a young lady (Robin) who got married to an older man in the hopes of tricking this man so that she can reach further in life and to be well off,” Ellis said. “They used to live in the ghetto in Jamaica, and she got married to the man and migrated to New York.”


According to Ellis, Robin and her best friend, June, planned the ruse, but June began showing signs of jealousy after Robin migrated.

“When June reach New York now, she start to sleep with Robin’s husband, and also dabbling in the husband’s drugs business,” Ellis said.

Ellis said Jamaicans living as far as Europe have been hooked to the show.

“When we started this we never knew it would reach this far, but we get calls all the time from people asking when the next season starting people from England, Canada, all over the US and Jamaica. Cause when we go to Jamaica people come up to us all the time saying that they love the series,” Ellis told THE STAR.

Ryno is expected to play a significant role in season three, and Ellis said viewers can expect a lot of guest features in future episodes.

Source: Blak Ryno takes up acting role in New York | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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