To See Alkaline Perform Is Like “Having An Orgasm” Says A Female Fan

Alkaline performed in Jamaica for the first time in three years at the Magnum New Rules held at the National Stadium and needless to say the self-proclaimed ‘young boss’ did not disappoint his fans.To watch Alkaline performed for his fans in his homeland for the first time since his rise to stardom is a “deeply surreal experience,” according to one of his female fan. “Its like having an orgasm.” she adds

The Vendetta deejay’s performance was nothing short of inspiring, he introduced himself to the stage with his hit song “Conquer The world”. “We mek it pass a likkle drama…” he sings while preparing to enter the stage.

What follows his entry to the stage was scintillating, the crowd went into a frenzy as they sang and danced to his catalogue of hits. Those close to him pulled on his pants in an attempt to pull the ‘champion boy’ off the stage. A few female fans in close proximity had tears running down their cheeks, the reason?…The story have not been told.

Alkaline also manged to throw jabs at Beenie Man and his former producer Notnice during his performance while labelling Popcaan as a “Pitney.”

One of Alkaline’s greatest achievement is how he has managed to stay relevant and rise through adversaries especially in an industry that exists in constant flux, where the search never stops for bigger and better. A lot will be said about the vendetta deejay hate him or love him all you can do is stop and stare at the beautiful sunset.

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