Shenseea Taking Aim At Spice With “Indicator Nah Work” Line?

A recently released tune called “Happy Juk” from 2016 break-out dancehall diva Shenseea mentioned that “the Indicata nah work cause di bulb blow”. Everyone know that spice has the most popular dancehall tune from a female artiste at the moment, called “indicator”. Based on history the 2 top female dancehall artistes never can get along like the males hence in the true nature of dancehall it’s only normal that the 2 top dancehall diva feud.No response from spice as yet but we are sure there will be some form of explanation for this line or some form of reaction from the queen of the dancehall stage Spice.

Listen the song in question below and give your take.

Source: GOSSIP: Shenseea taking aim at Spice with “Indicator nah work” line? |

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