Industry Players Support Holness’ New Stance On Dancehall

Prime Minister Andrew Holness has changed his views on dancehall following backlash from popular dancehall enthusiasts.

Holness, who is an avid social media user, had said that while he has nothing against dancehall, he believes that daggering dances in particular contribute largely to the violence in the country.

However, following a beating online, he has since cleared up his prior statements and now sings a different tune.

In a video currently being circulated on social media, Holness says dancehall is a national asset.

“Music is art, music is culture, and art and culture are not just the reflection of the current state of reality. Art and culture are to elevate the people … When foreigners come here, they take it and go back and package it and use it in their own pop culture and make a ton of money from it, while we stay here quarrelling over dancehall, “he said.

Holness said he is going to back the entertainment economy and review the entertainment laws. DJ Lux told THE WEEKEND STAR that he is satisfied with the comments.

“I think he is sincere. One thing I have realised is that Mr Holness pays attention to the voice of the people. The people are the supporters of dancehall and it is only right that he stands up for its development instead of bashing the genre,” he said.

Producer/artiste Hitmaker said Holness is finally singing the right tune. He also supports Holness’ claim that he will back the entertainment economy.

He said the Government also needs to connect with immigration to make sure artistes are able to travel and be able to pay their taxes and help the country.

“He needs to make the talk into action and then dancehall will support. But as we know politicians just love to talk and no fulfilment and talking is cheap,” he said.

Source: Industry players support Holness’ new stance on dancehall | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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