Don Andre’s Sex Tape Affects Woman’s Job

On Friday, dancehall artiste Don Andre, who did the song ‘Tom Cruise’, made STAR headlines as a sex tape featuring himself and an unidentified woman was leaked online. Now the woman, Lisa Williams, also a performer known as Lisa Montana, says it has affected her employment in the USA.

Williams, 30 years old, who has been living in the USA for the past five years, told THE STAR that she was aware their intimate session was being recorded. “It was for our personal keep. It was about a year ago. We met up in Maryland, while he was doing promo for one of his songs. It was that one time,” Williams said.

Until further notice

Recently, Williams visited Jamaica for the first time in those five years to participate in a video shoot. When she returned to Florida last Monday, Williams said she was hit with the news of the leak from her co-workers. As a result, she has been suspended from her job, until further notice.

Williams said her relationship with Don Andre was not for her advancement in the music industry. “I never put my music to him or anything like that. I was working with producers, and they’ve pulled me from projects, calling me a porn star. They were putting money into me. People from my job have seen it. I think it’s unfair,” she told THE STAR.

She said their contact began online, developing into a long-distance relationship. They spent three to four months communicating via instant messages and FaceTime, before they met in Maryland. Williams said she has never made a sex tape before.

“The next day, I did ask him to delete it. I sent him ‘don’t keep it in your phone’ because I was afraid that something like this was gonna happen,” she continued. “After that we kept talking, but I kept seeing things on his Snapchat. He was having other types of relationships with different females, kissing and stuff.”

Don Andre’s behaviour with other women on social media caused her to cease communication with the deejay. “No one has apologised … It’s not right,” Williams said.

Williams told THE STAR that she has not yet reported the incident to the police and has not fully decided if she will.

Source: Don Andre’s sex tape affects woman’s job | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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