Alkaline Skilfully Studied and Copied Vybz Kartel According To Former Manager

Dwayne Cahban, former manager of Alkaline revealed that he and his team along with the vendetta boss meticulously studied and employed Vybz Kartel strategies in his rise to stardom.“I met Alkaline while being a teacher at Ardenne High in 2011. He was introduced to me by a female student as the most talented artiste in the school. We started doing some work together, I introduced him to Steve Locke from Truck Back, who thought very little of his talent. Next, we met with Clive Hunt, who recorded a song that was never released. One of the biggest blunders was a performance at the half-time break of the Ity and Fancy Cat show, where he was laughed at by the audience for his high squeaky voice. With all the failures along the way, he kept going with the support of my small team,” Cahban told The Star

Cahban revealed that the aim was to outdo Vybz Kartel. “He (Alkaline) won’t say it, which is good business practice, but it’s a fact. He was so hell-bent on outdoing Vybz Kartel that he literally knows the lyrics to every song. He watched every single interview and befriend every associate he could salvage information out of about Kartel’s lifestyle and how he got things done.” He adds

This could be the reason why Alkaline worked with Kartel’s producers Notnice and Miller Nine.

Following Alkaline’s rise to stardom, he cut with Cahban Records and went on to employ his sisters in managerial positions.

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