Spice Fires Shots At Alkaline

Following the release of ‘Prison Warder’ in which insults are levelled at Spice and Vybz Kartel, the ‘Stage Show Boss’ has released a scathing diss track, Who Sing It, that is aimed at Alkaline and his Vendetta supporters.

Prison Warder racked up thousands of views online, however many listeners are uncertain about who recorded the song since its upload link carried no name tags except a note that the lyrical sentiments represented Alkaline’s Vendetta supporters, and was aimed at Spice and Kartel.

Spice, who was close to Alkaline during his early musical years, held back no punches in her response. She also took the opportunity to reaffirm her loyalty to Vybz Kartel, and trash Alkaline for his sexual practices.

In an interview with THE STAR, Spice said she was unsure if Alkaline or his alleged affiliate Fabian dissed her in the Prison Warder record. However, she insists she is prepared to challenge any artiste representing Vendetta.

“I was left with no choice but to answer the song because everybody a call me from all parts of the world say Alkaline disrespect me inna song. When I listen the track I hear alkaline voice, but I hear some people saying it’s not alkaline, it’s Fabian,” she said.

“I’m friends with Frass who works closely with Alkaline, and not even him link me and say it’s not Alkaline. When I pree Fabian Instagram page, it clearly says Vendetta, so I just start pree say dem probably a work together that’s why I do the song towards who sing the song cause none a dem nah come out and say a who sing it.”

A confident Spice also noted that she will not be intimidated by male deejays.

“Not because I’m a woman means I must sit and make anyone walk over me or sit and take a diss like that. Mi nuh want dem feel like because mi a sing some nice wine up song dem forget say a me a the clash mumma weh use to kill people a Sting. A so mi mek mi name. Mi counteract the song weh name Prison Warder. So, whoever sing it, a dem mi a talk,” she said.

Recording artiste Fabian Vendetta, who is rumoured to have recorded the song mimicking Alkaline’s voice, did not confirm his role in the controversy. He, however, revealed that he was receiving threats from persons who took the lyrics in Prison Warder as an offence since it targeted Spice and Vybz Kartel.

Spice, on the other hand, is adamant that either Alkaline or Fabian should be brave and own the diss record.

“People love my song bad, and claiming mi deal wid it better than the man dem weh a war. I know my strength as a warrior so that’s why I don’t like when people call up mi name and try fi draw me out. Mi just prefer gwaan sing some nice happy song fi the gal dem. So, mi a call out Alkaline or Fabian to own up the song,” she said.

Source: Spice fires shots at Alkaline | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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