Nicki Minaj, Spice Collab Coming?

A collaboration between dancehall artiste Spice and rapper Nicki Minaj could be on the horizons, this after Minaj publicly endorsed Spice’s remix of her popular song, ‘Indicator’, dubbing the ‘Queen of the Stage’ as the female Vybz Kartel.
When contacted, Spice told The STAR that landing a collab with the internationally acclaimed rapper would be a dream come true, dubbing Minaj as one of her musical inspirations.
“I already posted how much I would love to collab with her, so I’m just waiting for that day to now become reality,” she said. “Doing a collaboration with Nicki Minaj would be a dream come true. She’s now following me on Instagram and Twitter, and I’m so elated to have someone I look up to, showing me so much love. It feels good to be a fan of someone who is a fan of me.”

New obsession

On the weekend, Minaj used her Instagram account to post an excerpt of the song with an adoring caption, labelling the Indicator remix, featuring Bunji Garlin, as her new obsession.
With over 73 million followers on Instagram, Minaj’s post sent heavy traffic to Spice’s Instagram account as well as her YouTube channel, as Minaj’s followers scurried to find out exactly who the woman was that caught her attention.
An excited Spice revealed that when she decided to do a soca remix of the song, she expected it would do well, but explains that with Minaj’s support, the song is surpassing her expectations.
“I didn’t see this one coming. My intention was to please my soca fans because they loved the original Indicator (song) so much. When ZJ Sparks came with the idea to do the remix, I chose Bunji Garlin because I’m a fan of his music, but I never expected Nicki Minaj to fall in love with the remix,” she said. “I guess it’s because soca is a part of her roots and being a fan of dancehall as she is, Nicki just couldn’t help falling in love with the remix that represents both genres.”
The deejay also revealed that she has gained more than 10,000 followers since Minaj’s endorsement.
“Since she posted the video on her page, it got more than two million views there and I got over 10,000 new followers, so she opened up my music to a whole new audience and I’m excited to now share some of her fans,” the deejay said.

Several comments

A quick check on the entertainer’s VEVO channel showed that the video had already received more than 67,000 views and it was only uploaded on February 9. Several comments from viewers read, ‘Nicki Minaj brought me here’, indicating that there were a flood of viewers that decided to check out the Indicator remix because of Nicki Minaj.
Spice, keeping her fingers crossed for her dream collab, extended gratitude to Minaj, Bunji Garlin as well as ZJ Sparks, the producer, for what she described as a “massive highlight.”

Source: Nicki Minaj, Spice Collab Coming? | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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