Is Alkaline A Suspect Or Witness In Rohan Morris Murder Case?

Alkaline is currently behind bars awaiting to know his fate. But is he being treated as a suspect or a witness in the murder case?

Police officers stunned the dancehall community last week when they put out a notice for Alkaline to report to the police department for questioning in relation the murder of Rohan Morris. According to police reports, Morris was shot and killed on January 13 in Maverly, Kingston.

Superintendent Stephanie Lindsay, director of the Corporate Communications Unit (CCU), revealed that detectives only wanted to question the dancehall star, but with the latest development, we’re left to believe this is deeper than just questioning. Alkaline turned up at the Harman Barracks on Thursday morning moments after 9 AM and by midday, he was transferred to the Criminal Investigation Branch headquarters. By the end of the day, cops revealed that he will be held overnight and continued to be questioned on Friday. Now he is spending the entire weekend in police custody.

Police sources told Dancehall HipHop that detectives can hold the deejay for a certain amount of time under the lay even without charge. Now Alkaline’s attorney Peter Champagnie indicated on Saturday that he will be going to court to have his client released if police don’t make their next move by Monday.

Will Alkaline be set free or charged with a crime? There is a strong possibility that police will make that announcement on Monday.

The big question fans are now asking is Alkaline being treated fairly and whether he is a suspect or a witness to the gruesome murder?

Source: Is Alkaline A Suspect Or Witness In Rohan Morris Murder Case?

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