Tommy Lee Sparta Wins Case, To Receive Cash Settlement From Dominican Gov’t

West Jamaica Dancehaller Tommy Lee has revealed that he would be getting a huge some of money from the Dominican government because they wrongfully deported him from Dominica back in 2014.In an interview with radio personality Mutabaruka, he indicated that he would be getting money, but was unwilling to give a specific sum. However, the controversial Mutabaruka, who was digging for answers, suggested that the figure was US$3 million.

“Mi nah bait yuh up, man, but how much of the US$3 million yuh a get from the Dominican government?,” Mutabaruka questioned.

A seemingly uncomfortable Tommy Lee Sparta was still unwilling to state the figure.

“Mi a get a lot cash, man. Everybody weh pressure mi haffi pay mi, enuh, Muta. Nuh badda feel like dem a go pressure mi just suh. Mi a go mek yuh swim inna some money man and walk pon some money,” Tommy Lee Sparta said.

The controversial deejay was denied entry by Dominican officials in February 2014 after arriving in the island in a private jet along with his then manager, Heavy D. The deejay then responded with a US$3 million lawsuit, arguing that his rights were infringed based on the Treaty of Chaguaramas, which governs CARICOM member states. The treaty says that member states should commit themselves to the goal of free movement of their nationals within the community.

Negotiations under way

THE STAR contacted Tommy Lee’s lawyer, Bert Samuels, who refused to confirm a figure. He, however, revealed that a suggested figure was being negotiated and that the Dominican government had conceded defeat.

“They made an offer and we are in negotiation over a final settlement. It is safe to say that they conceded to liability,” he said.

The lawyer also noted that Tommy Lee Sparta is not barred from travelling and should be allowed to exercise his rights under the Treaty of Chaguaramas.

“The fact that they have conceded shows that under the revised Treaty of Chaguaramas, he should be able to

travel,” Samuels said.

Tommy Lee Sparta is currently riding the wave of the positive responses he has been getting for recent releases, Darkness Rise and Not a Badness, both of which are aimed at fellow deejay Alkaline.

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