Sky Juice Suffers A Stroke – Selector Wants To Lose Weight

Veteran selector and World Clash winner Sky Juice narrowly escaped death recently after suffering from a stroke while working at a boat ride event. The selector, who spoke to THE STAR yesterday, explained that he felt dizzy while on the boat, and later collapsed beside iconic deejay Bounty Killer, who provided some assistance during the ordeal.

“I was on a boat ride working alongside Stone Love and I started to feel bad. The pressure begun to go to my head, and I got weak and drop beside Bounty Killer, and he took me up. My selector took me to the hospital after that,” he said, noting that the incident happened two weeks ago.

The veteran revealed that he missed several shows as a result of his illness.

He said he is also working on losing the belly fat which helped him to get much attention over the years.

“I am trying to lose weight. So, right now I stop eating meat because the doctor says I should change my diet, and I am also exercising. Mi work hard inna Christmas, so a that cause the stroke. My cholesterol was high, and mi have a minor blood clot in my head. People have been trying to book me, but mi turn down some dates to recover,” he told THE STAR.

Current predicament

Despite his health condition, Sky Juice is gearing up to host his birthday party on May 6 at Oneil’s Place in St Andrew. The selector said this leg of the celebration means a lot to him given his current predicament.

“Mi just a celebrate mi life because things coulda worse. Mi friends from the industry a give me support for my party, like DownSound, who are sponsors, Chromatic, Alanzo Hawk, Oliver, Boom Boom, Harry Hype, Foota Hype, Glen Stinga, Stone Love, Metro Media, Jackie, Unknown, Bounty Killer, Beenie Man and Popcaan. So, come out for some entertainment,” he said.

Post recovery, Sky Juice will be embarking on his first set of shows in the US with dates set for February 11 in Miami, and February 17 in California.

Source: Sky Juice suffers a stroke – Selector wants to lose weight | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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