New Year Dull Without Sting – DJ Lux, Patrick Roberts Say Local Stage Shows Are Needed

New Year dull without Sting

DJ Lux, Patrick Roberts say local stage shows are needed

In the wake of last month’s cancellation of Sting, radio DJ Lux has lashed out against artistes who have condemned local stage shows. According to the DJ, 2017 is off to a dull start where entertainment is concerned since Sting usually provides the New Year boost for dancehall.

The DJ told THE STAR that recording artistes should be mindful that they are hurting their own business by killing the shows.

“Mi a wonder if dem artiste yah realise that if the root is the not watered, the tree will die. I notice some of them saying they are not performing at local shows without certain amount of money, but they will go overseas for even less. Some a dem artiste ya a fly go overseas for all US$500 and the free plane ride and have the audacity to disrespect local shows,” he said.

The DJ also said that in Sting’s absence, it feels like a shadow has been cast over the music industry where hype is concerned.

“When Sting keep, whether the show is good or bad, people always have something to talk about, and a artiste always leave feeling accomplished. I remember in 2015, Mr Lexx and General B, out of the blue, went to Sting and gave a good show that had people talking about them. Where else that happen? You have all some artiste like Hitman Wallie and Mr Khool weh get dem likkle hype a Sting yearly and can make some dubplate or get other small gigs, and now that gone,” he said.

“Di artiste dem must realise seh a fi wi dancehall, and we can’t make money and greed mash it up. Mi nuh know, but mi couldn’t siddung as an artiste and mek Sting dead. If a even fi guh link Missa Laing and seh mek wi do a free show. Who wah come, come. The New Year just is off to a slow start and we have the artistes to thank for that.”

Promoter and record label owner Patrick Roberts also shared a similar sentiment. He told THE STAR that recording artistes should consider attending educational symposiums in 2017. According to Roberts, artistes are making decisions that are detrimental to the sustainability of the music industry due to ignorance and oversight.

Highlighting that the music industry is now performance driven with the absence of record sales, Roberts questioned the logic behind the refusal of several acts to perform at local shows.

“For 2017, artistes need to understand that there is an economic crunch. Our signature shows have crumbled. Therefore, you have to look at your pricing because if you outprice the promoter, then the show can’t keep. Records are not selling like 20 years ago, so since we now depend on performances, how can you kill local shows? If you kill the shows, you are killing what is left of the industry,” said Roberts, who is also hoping to play his part in the industry by relaunching Shocking Vibes in 2017.


Source: New Year dull without Sting – DJ Lux, Patrick Roberts say local stage shows are needed | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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