Jamaica’s Last Record Factory Tuff Gong Will Start Pressing Vinyl Again

Bob Marley’s famed Tuff Gong International has just announced it will start pressing records again as part of a new partnership with the US-based Sunpress Vinyl.

Tuff Gong, which is the last vinyl press in Jamaica, has decided to restart its production with increasing demands from both the vinyl community and fans of Jamaica’s music and culture. The new agreement arrives just in time as the record industry heads towards all-time high sales.

The original space acted as a studio, manufacturing hub and shop, founded by Marley in 1965. It held the mastering sessions of iconic songs like ‘Stir It Up’, ‘Concrete Jungle’, ‘Redemption Song’, ‘Could You Be Loved’ and many more and is an integral part of the Bob Marley legacy.

As part of its resurgence, the Kingston property will undergo a number of renovations before re-opening this spring.

Source: Jamaica’s last record factory Tuff Gong will start pressing vinyl again – News – Mixmag

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