Alkaline Angry At Popcaan For Unauthorized Use Of ‘New Level Unlocked’

Alkaline launched a campaign to destroy Popcaan and for the most part it seems to be working an this strategy is forcing the Unruly Boss to respond sooner than later.

In just the past week alone, Alkaline released two diss tracks, “Microwave” and a part two for the single “Death To Microwave.” For the most part, Alka has steered clear of any beef with other artists since his career blew up, but what makes this an exception. We reached out to sources inside his Vendetta camp who told us that things have been tense between the two deejays and hit a boiling point with Popcaan unauthorized use of material from Alka’s debut album “New Level Unlocked.”

“A lot of people didn’t notice when Microwave (Popcaan) was saying all type of things about Alkaline in songs, but as soon as him start get conk the whole place turn upside down,” sources told DancehallHipHop. “Things really get out of hand when he used New Level Unlocked without authorization, so if you look at it he caused all of this on himself.”

Our source didn’t tell us on which song Popcaan copied Alkaline, but the Hotskull deejay released a track back in October titled “New Level” produced by NotNice.

We’re also told that Alkaline has a bunch of new diss tracks that he plans to release in the coming days. The pressure is on Popcaan to cough up a response particularly since he released a track “Stray Dog” at the top of the new year taking shots at the Vendetta clan leader.

Source: Alkaline Angry At Popcaan For Unauthorized Use Of ‘New Level Unlocked’

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