Masicka And Ishawna Steamy Sex Song Fuels Relationship Rumors

Speculations that recording artistes Masicka and Ishawna are romantically involved are gaining momentum following the release of a raunchy song.

Rumours began swirling on social media yesterday after Masicka posted a new song to his Instagram page. The song, Regardless, is a collaboration between the ‘young genna’ and Ishawna and has tongues wagging about a romantic relationship between the two.

Based on the lyrical content of the song, many have been led to believe that the two are a couple.

“The f**k a cause problem,” Ishawna sings in the intro of the song, to which Masicka replies “From mi push it inna you and take it out come in like it a cause problem.”



Not only has the song rehashed rumors that both entertainers are involved, but it has also once again dragged Ishawna’s ex-fiance Foota Hype into the whole fiasco.

Several social media users, having heard the new song, are convinced that the popular selector will not be pleased with Ishawna’s most recent musical endeavor.

“Something tells me Foota Hype nah go play this,” one user posted on YouTube.

“Mi find this as a sub diss fi Foota Hype,” another commented. “But him want push a clash between Masicka and him no name artiste so levels to it Masicka,” the post continued.

The song’s release comes a mere week after Masicka’s manager, Corey Todd, accused Foota Hype of carrying ‘Kitty feelings’ for his client. Todd was responding to recent statements made by Foota Hype regarding Masicka.


Lyrically potent

In a recent post made to his Instagram page, Foota Hype called out Masicka for only being lyrically potent stating that the artiste was incapable of performing on a live stage. Todd shot down those claims and stated that the selector was only aiming at his client because of a song Masicka did with his ex-girl last year.

In an interview with THE STAR last week, Foota clapped back at Todd stating that he could care less what his ex-girlfriend does with her life as he has moved on.

The STAR sought to settle the ongoing issue once and for all by asking Masicka to confirm whether or not he and Ishawna were in a relationship but the deejay remained tight-lipped on the topic answering only with ‘no comment’.

The STAR also tried to get a confirmation from Ishawna but was unsuccessful.

However, in a recent interview with this newspaper, the Restraining Order singer seemed annoyed with persons linking her romantically with different men in dancehall.

Answering questions on whether she and Alkaline were in a relationship, the entertainer said “Everybody has been asking me if I am dating Alkaline. No! People are thinking everybody you do a song with you a date them…But dem just always a gimme man I guess.”

Source: Masicka and Ishawna steamy sex song fuels relationship rumours | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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