Entertainers Divided On Trump’s Victory

Entertainers and several key industry players are today filled with mixed emotions following the the 2016 presidential race in the United States.

Early yesterday morning, it was announced that Donald Trump would become the 45th President of the United States after demolishing his rival Hillary Clinton at the polls.

During his journey to the White House, Trump campaigned under the slogan ‘Make America great again’, and vowed to, among other things, tighten immigration laws on his way to changing the country for the better.

When interviewed, several entertainers revealed that while they were disappointed with the results, they were not shocked.

“I have been telling everyone that this man would win because prophecy must be fulfilled. This is just a taste of what is to come,” explained Mr Vegas.

“This reminds me of the Israelites that God took out of bondage and they still became ungrateful. Therefore, he let them suffer for their ungratefulness. It’s the same way Obama brought back a country that was deep in recession and the people spoke against him as if he did nothing. Now they will see how great he was.”

Popular publicist and artiste manager, Keona Williams, agreed. Williams, who is among the many Jamaicans living in America who voted in the elections, pointed out that the decision made by Americans should be taken as an opportunity for Jamaicans to build their own country instead of being concerned with US visas and migrating.

fulfill his promises

“Jamaica will certainly be affected by this result. I hope it will teach us to invest in our country and try to establish a bright future on our own shores,” she said.

An optimistic Ninja Man told THE STAR that he is hopeful that Trump will now fulfil his promises to the people.

“I’m an analyst, enuh. Mi nuh just get up and talk. Donald Trump approach this election as an entertainer, and he appealed to the people as a very controversial person and controversy sells,” he explained.

“Now, it’s either he’s going to be a very great president or a very dead president. So, if him come and make certain promises to the nation and he cannot fulfil it, he’s going to have problems.”

While most Jamaicans are concerned about what Trump’s core values and the policies he hopes to initiate will mean for minority groups in America, Ninja Man is not worried.

“The black people and the Latin people that live in America now are not the fool fool type weh used to bawl and gwaan like dem a Jesus. Dem black people here will rise up and defend themselves when dem have to. So, this (the Trump win) nuh mean nothing. The man fi just come and run the country just like how Obama did run the country.”

Popular selector Tony Matterhorn, who in an interview some weeks ago said he had nothing against Donald Trump building a wall to keep out immigrants, said he had no comments on Trump’s victory.

The STAR also sought to get reactions from reggae singer Etana, but was unsuccessful.

The singer was blasted some months ago after she revealed she was in support of Trump. The backlash from her revelation during a TV interview was so bad that she was forced to withdraw her statements, promising to do more research before throwing her support behind a candidate

Source: Entertainers divided on Trump’s victory | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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