Denyque Shows ‘Wifey’ Status In New Video

Sexy songbird Denyque recently completed the video for her new single ‘Proud Wifey’, and she can’t wait for the public to see it.

The video was shot, directed and edited by HD Genesis Films from Atlanta, Georgia, and according to the singer, it captures the energy of the song.

“We came to the conclusion that we didn’t want the video to necessarily speak to the lyrics of the song but more to the vibe. I loved every minute of filming,” Denyque said.

The song, which was written by Denyque and former Magnum Kings and Queens contestant Shaneil Muir and produced by Zum of Good Good Productions, was recorded in April and released in June.

“I loved doing the record because I got to showcase another side of me, a more edgy side that unless you really know me you don’t get to see often,” she told THE WEEKEND STAR.

“Also, the concept of the song really drew me in. The song is literally talking about being wife material and being proud of it, and being against sinking to the level of engaging in relations with men that are taken,” she said.

She added that the song is also about empowerment.

“The song reminds women how important it is to be nothing less than their best, to have self-respect and understand their self-worth and accept nothing less than they deserve,” she said.

“I kept asking Shaniel how she come up with these lyrics. So many of my girls have told me how real and true the track is. Some will relate to it completely, others will relate to pieces of it but, overall, the track is just full of vibes.”

Source: Denyque shows ‘wifey’ status in new video | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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